Full Disk Encryption Position Statement

An important aspect of the cPP development process is that it encourages each CCRA Participant to make a public statement about their interest in the development and use of each cPP, through the creation of a Position Statement (PS) and, after the publication of the cPP, an Endorsement Statement (ES). These statements are intended to make clear the views of the CCRA Participant on the need for the relevant cPP, and the suitability of the interim deliverables (the ESR, SPD, etc.) to match the CCRA Participant's national requirements. This enables iTC members to make an informed estimate of the benefits that will justify their participation in the iTC.

At its most general level, a Position Statement allows free-format comment on a cPP/SD, or the interim deliverables from an iTC, but does not represent a formal commitment by its author. By contrast, an Endorsement Statement is a formal statement of commitment to a finalized cPP, with a description of how that commitment is realized (e.g. by listing conformance with the cPP as a mandatory, preferred or recommended procurement requirement for certain types of equipment and/or placing conformant products on an 'approved product list').

Both Position Statements and Endorsement Statements may relate to one or more cPPs. If a statement relates to more than one cPP, then the content of the statement must identify which cPPs it relates to.

Position statements

Links to the position statements are provided below: