USB Portable Storage Devices

CCDB iTC Liaison:  Sweden

The CCDB has established a Work Group to assist in creating an iTC (and hence a cPP) for USB Portable Storage Devices (the Work Group name is abbreviated to "CCDB USB cPP WG"). The Work Group comprises participants from 12 nations, at present: Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, Turkey, the UK, and the US.

The group has produced a statement of 'Essential Security Requirements' (ESR) which represents the common needs of the WG members.

The associated Position Statements (as described in iTC/cPP Process paper v0.7).

The invitation notice for joining the iTC, with contact details, can be found here iTC invitation letter

To join the iTC, please send a message to

English Requirements

Current Draft USB cPP

Current published version is v.10 Collaborative Protection Profile for USB Portable Storage Devices. This version has been sent for public review. The USB cPP is updated with the latest crypto SFRs provided by the CCDB Crypto WG.

Current published version is v0.7 USB iTC Supporting Document. USB iTC SD is aligned with the latest updates in the USB cPP. The SD is also updated with the latest assurance activities for crypto SFRs provided by the CCDB Crypto WG. Some assurance activities are currently not complete at this point (e.g. random number generation). Once these are available, the supporting documents can be completed.

Draft USB cPP Released for Public Review

The preliminary USB cPP is available for public review.  The public commenting period will end December 21, 2018.  Please use the comment sheet and submit your comments to


The work group welcomes interest in participation and publishes progress updates below: