Full Disk Encryption - Version 1 Background Information

Initial Essential Security Requirements (ESR) and Position Statements

The group has produced a statement of Essential Security Requirements' (ESR) which represents the common needs of the WG members.

The associated Position Statements.

Security Problem Definition (SPD)

The set of Security Problem Definition documents (Authorization Acquisition and Encryption Engine).

English Requirements

The set of English requirements forAuthorization Acquisition and Encryption Engine.

Draft FDE AA cPP and Draft FDE AA Supporting Document and Draft FDE EE cPP and Draft FDE EE Supporting Documents

The preliminary Full Disk Encryption: Authorization Acquisition cPP and Full Disk Encryption: Encryption Engine cPP and the associated Supporting Documents Authorization Acquisition and Encryption Engine were released for public review.

The associated responses to the comments received in the public comment period for this draft of the FDE Authorization Acquisition and the FDE Encryption Engine and Supporting Documents are available as follows: FDE EE cPP v0.2 comment responses , FDE EE SD v0.2 comment responses , FDE AA cPP v0.2 comment responses , FDE AA SD v0.2 comment responses .