Full Disk Encryption

Introduction and Status

The CCDB established a Work Group to assist in creating an iTC (and hence a cPP) for Full Disk Encryption (the Work Group name is abbreviated to "CCDB FDE WG"). The Work Group comprises participants from 10 nations, at present: Australia, Canada, India, Japan, Norway, Republic of Korea, Sweden, Turkey, the UK, and the US.

The initial invitation notice for joining the iTC, with contact details, can be found here iTC invitation letter

The iTC formation is currently being coordinated via fde-itc@ccdbinfo.org. The alias for the entire iTC is: FDE-ITC@niap-ccevs.org.

April Newsletter

Next Version

Draft FDE AA cPP and Supporting Document and Draft FDE EE cPP and Supporting Document released for Public Review

The FDE iTC has been hard at work updating several important areas with Power Management, Firmware Signing, and Enterprise Management for the eventual release of 2.0. The preliminary Full Disk Encryption: Authorization Acquisition cPP and Full Disk Encryption: Encryption Engine cPP and the associated Supporting Documents Authorization Acquisition and Encryption Engine are now released for public review. The public comment period will end October 23, 2015. Please use the comment form templates included:   FDE EE cPP v1.5 comment responses,   FDE EE SD v1.5 comment responses,   FDE AA cPP v1.5 comment responses,   FDE AA SD v1.5 comment responses and submit your comments to fde-itc@ccdbinfo.org.

Please note that an accompanying Module for Enterprise Management is planned to be released in several weeks.

Version 1

FDE AA cPP and FDE AA Supporting Document and FDE EE cPP and FDE EE Supporting Documents are Published!

The Supporting Documents underwent CCDB review and the cPPs and Supporting Documents were updated based on the feedback received from several schemes. The iTC’s comments based on the feedback can be found below:

  • Germany – EE , AA
  • Korea – EE, AA
  • New Zealand – AA

The associated Endorsement Statements

Version 1 Background Information