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Keynote Speakers

Debora A. Plunkett Day 1: Opening Speaker
Debora Plunkett NSA, IA Director







Alicia Squires Day 2: Keynote Speaker
Alicia Squires Cisco, CCUF Chair







Anne Neuberger Day 3: Closing Speaker
Anne Neuberger NSA, NCSC Director







Day 1 PANEL DISCUSSION:A Collaborative Approach
Moderator: David Martin, CESG, CCDB Chair
Panelists: Brian Smithson, Ricoh Americas; Tony Boswell, SiVenture; Wouter Sleger, Your Creative Solutions; Miguel Banon, Epoch & Espri; Carolina Lavatelli, Trusted Labs
Synopsis: Discussion of the different approaches to collaboration in a number of standards bodies involved with Common Criteria – IEEE, ISO, JTEMS, JHAS, to name a few. The panelists will discuss their experiences, challenges, benefits, etc.

Day 2 PANEL DISCUSSION:Marketing the New CC
Moderator: Mark Loepker, NIAP, CCES Chair
Panelists: Matt Keller, Corsec; Eric Winterton, Booz Allen Hamilton; Joshua Brickman, Oracle; Jen Gilbert, Cisco
Synopsis: At the CCMC 1st quarter meeting in Ottawa Canada this year the Common Criteria community recognized the need to market the CC brand. The CCUF has been a critical partner in this effort. This panel will discuss not only their efforts but other ideas from the schemes, vendors, and other audience members.

Day 3 PANEL DISCUSSION:Widening the Use of CC for End Users Worldwide
Moderator: Michele Mullen
Panelists: Adam Golodner, Cisco; Glenn Pittaway, Microsoft; Jay Barbour, Blackberry
Synopsis: Mutual recognition is the key within the Common Criteria. Our motto needs to be “Evaluate by one/Sell to all” and to put aside requirements by individual nations for vendors to evaluate within their nation and follow their unique national requirements. This is not to say sovereign requirements don’t exist – they do and they will continue. But, let’s use CC as the base of all evaluations – using the Collaborative PP approach (cPPs). This is a panel to hear from vendors and how our reforms to these cPPs within the CCMC Vision Statement affect their evaluation processes.


Awards Ceremony
Ceremony and dinner at Margaritaville
Synopsis: Opportunity for schemes to award certificates to vendors and labs. Casual business attire.

Track 1: Reforming the Use of CC

Track 2: Technology

Track 3: Collaboration